Dick Maniac Space Squad


Become the biggest Dick in the NFT scene!

Welcome to the Cockpit of the Dick Maniac Space Squad!

Having found primordial wall drawings and artefacts of an ancient civilization on their planet, our lab-bred penises of our space squad are on a noble space mission to find traces of a gender of their race lost to time.

DMSS is a collection of 10,000 Dick Maniac NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Grow your DickManiac!

Grow your Dicks by applying DickEnlargementPills and become the biggest Dick in the NFT scene.

DMSS Roadmap

Phase 1

We are here
10,000 Dick Maniacs are ready for take off…
Whitelist & FreeMint Qualifying
500 Dick Maniacs start their space mission, Genesis Presale on May 27 – 3pm ET
Free Genesis Membership-Card for Genesis Members (Discounts on future Projects, merch items, free access to IRL parties and much more)
Gaming Events - Rewards for winners (NFTs, WL Spots, ETH)

Phase 2

A new galaxy appears…
Whitelist Sale - 2 mints per spot
1000 Tickets to our first IRL Event get airdropped to random Holders
Public Sale (TBA)
Free Dick Enlargement Pill (DEP) for every 2 DickManiacs (Grow your DickManiac to increase rarity and stake passive income in the future)

Phase 3

The Crew is getting bigger..
Pharmacy opens - Get your DickEnlargementPills to grow your DickManiacs, because size is the only thing that really matters.
First Episode of the DickManiac Cartoon Saga (Holders become regisseurs)
Arcade Room gets accessible

Phase 4

A new story unfolds..
Our merch shop will open
Exclusive IRL Rooftop Party
Dress up for our charity gala, we will donate 10 % of our total earnings
Metaverse Announcement - Land, Museum (Exhibitions), Avatars, Collabs & much more


Each Dick Maniac is a unique piece of art and programmatically generated from over 100 possible traits, including headwear, piercings, clothing, and more. All dicks are one-of-one, but some are more rare than others.

The dicks are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. (See Record and Proof.) Minting a dick costs 0.08 ETH.

Go through the DMSS Spaceship and explore different areas which will be accessible in the future.


Welcome to the Squad

When you are buying a Dick Maniac, you’re not simply buying a digital picture. Your artwork is a ticket to a whole universe of benefits for loyal holders. Members get access to the biggest Dick Meme Community

DMSS Pillar

10.000 rare individually designed Maniacs

benefits 04 04

Dicks are free for everyone

DMSS Contract

Ownership and commercial usage rights given to the consumer over their NFT

DMSS Rocket

Gain additional benefits in the future!

The Pharmacy

The Pharmacy is where the real magic will happen in Phase 2. A group of revolutionary dick scientists has made it their life goal to create the legendary Dick-Enlargening-Pills (DEP).

Having almost reached their desired outcome, this will be the place to claim your DEPs once released. Applying the DEP on a DickManiac of your choice will increase  size and rarity. Every DickManiac starts with size 1. Depending on how many DEPs you apply on one DickManiac you can grow it to a max. size of 5. 

There will be a limited supply so better grow fast!

DMSS Pharmacy 02

Community Tools

One of our core values is our Community. Here are some platforms we provide as a direct medium to communicate and interact with us. 


DMSS was created by 6 frens who had the idea of bringing NFTs to a next level. Together we created a platform to share our visions, connect and communicate with our community and have a lot of fun. 

Team Dick


“I got 99 Dicks”

Team Dick

Artist / Marketing

“Looks pretty average to me”

Team Dick
Dr. Gluck


“Big Dick Energy”

Team Dick


“Take one for the TEAM”

Team Dick


“Pushin D”

Team Dick


“I would tell you, but it’s long”