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This is the News Blog of the Dick Maniac Space Squad, where we will keep you updated with the most recent developments, such as project-specific, charity-based, and community-exclusive happenings.

The Journey Begins …

by Azzacel

11 April 2022

Hello, fellow Dick Enthusiast. We are glad that you found your way to our first DMSS news article. This news article has just a few goals, to inform you about why we do this, and will follow in the future.

Firstly, starting with the Why, we just wanted to create an easily trackable archive of our major updates, so that you can have an overview of what is going on and what will be happening. We thought it would be a good idea to do this in the form of a news blog, where each of you can sign-up to get notified as soon as a new event happens.

Secondly, this blog is an addition to our Social Media platforms. You will probably get the same news notifications in a shortened version there, but you will also be able to read more in-depth updates on here.

Finally, we just want to talk about some of these updates, that will follow. As you can see on our roadmap, we planned some juicy features, such as a Dick Enlargening Pill that will be made in our Pharmacy and Sperm Tokens, that you will be able to claim through our Wanking Automata in the Arcade once they have been released.

Buckle up for a funny journey and stay tuned for more updates, fellow Dick Enthusiast.

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